03 December 2008

kitchen fun

Jen you are a genius... I was on the phone with Jen today, attempting to make some cookies with Walker's help. She told me to try letting him play in the sink... Wonderful tip! Walker loved it! And it was so much better than him patting the dry ingredients... (um, yes, his button has issues) Later that same night.... Walker must've remembered something he scouted out earlier in the day... I still had a little jar of sugar out (for coffee) from my meeting here yesterday.... Walker made quick work of this clean-up...

He even got his brother in on the action...
There wasn't much bouncing off the walls though, thankfully!


  1. Man, kids remember EVERYTHING, don't they?

    For Walker's pants - Puckey has a pair that had the same problem. I fixed it by snapping the snap, then sewing (by hand) around it with clear thread. Works like a charm.

  2. good idea, Julie... I might consider trying it, although this pair is VERY near to the "highwater" stage.

  3. Love the pics Amanda, he is such a busy little guy! Playing in the sink is great, but remember, he won't forget that either, and the next time things get real quiet check there first!

    He really is growing fast...I need to get back!

  4. that kid, he just blesses my heart so. . . . he reminds me so much of Colson at that age. So inquisitive and independent!

    How did the cookies turn out??

  5. I love watching your boys grow.... something new all of the time. Makes me want another one... nah.. I'll just borrow yours. hee hee.

  6. ha! I should just break down and let Josh play in the sink. He loves to climb up there on his own. Next time I need to make dinner I'm going to fill the sink just for him...thanks for the idea!