27 December 2008

a little snippit of info*...

well we didn't have any sinus headaches after all. But we did have a terrific thunderstorm last night - oh, and the weather radio went off twice (I love that!). Walker got up and climbed in our bed, then plugged both his ears. He said the noise, "scared me awake." Wilson on the other hand didn't even know there was a storm.

Uncle Nate's flight was cancelled today, so we are hoping he will be here tomorrow. Poor Wilson, he's not handling the disappointments that well. He deals with Daddy being gone by looking forward to things on the calendar... when those things change, it hits him doubly hard I think. So hoping, hoping, hoping for calm skies tomorrow.

Sorry, I didn't snap one single solitary picture today. Tomorrow for sure.

We watched Kung Fu Panda with our little bagel pizzas (those babies turned out yummy!) tonight. We then taught Big Girl how to be Kung Fu Labradoodle before bed. It was great fun! She is now sleeping in the boys' room... which means no big-dog-snores to ease me off into sleepyland.

*totally depends on your definition of the word info.


  1. Logan was up in a flash and in my room... needless to say not a good night's sleep with bed hopping. We haven't had a storm like that is quite some time.

    While we were in OKC the tornado sirens were sounding... a little scarey.

    We will pray for good weather so that Nate can arrive and Wil can have him here.

  2. Storm wasn't as bad as hearing the home alarm blaring around 2 a.m. JC got up and the breezeway door was open. Guns, cops, scared Jenn...whew...too much fun for me. I slept through the thunderstorm. Fortunately, it appears it was a fluke. BTW, JC took me to see Marley & Me today and they talk about getting a Labradoodle! Ha, how funny is that?!