24 December 2008

Merry Christmas Bradley!

Here we are all ready for bed. Hope your pj pants fit you too. I thought about making a video for you, but since your bandwidth is so bad, I didn't want to post something you couldn't see. Wilson thinks Mussy looks like Dracula in her caplet. I might not bother next year... We DO need to get stocking hangers for next year though... (ok, maybe not need, but still...) Oh, and here are a few shots of the boys playing with the gifts Walker opened today. Nice. Wilson with his play-doh kitchen...

and Walker with the Nascar Little People. They both like each other's gifts as much as they like their own. They went back and forth playing with both things this afternoon.

We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas in some quiet time with our Father. I hope you rested well and woke with joy in your heart. And, of course, I hope somehow, your Christmas is just a little Djibouti-licious... because that would just be rad.

Love, YOURS ♥always and forever♥


  1. Looks like a great start to Christmas! We look forward to the Christmas's we can all be together. Have a wonderful and fun Christmas Day! Love Dad,Sandy and Nate PS Some of the things you do to that poor dog!

  2. Djibouti-licious.....

    Amanda, I am laughing SO hard right now - you just don't even know! HA HA HA HA HA!!

    You all looked great in your pj pants - but Mussy DID look a little vampire-ish with her cape. Very cute though, not in a creepy way.