31 December 2008

more fun times!

recently Walker has been a bit obsessed with putting out fires. He exclaims, "Big fire coming up!" and then grabs his brother's hat and their firetruck flashlight and takes aim...we had another BEAUTIFUL day yesterday. so went to our favorite on-post park. its secluded and private. when we got there we saw an armadillo (not an aardvark) so I was taking pictures of it... then a friendly hunter came up and told us that there were bow hunters all around the perimeter of the playground and that we were "right in the middle of the crosshairs." WHAT? Needless to say, we decided to go to another playground (after I took pics of the armadillo). the boys had fun... all three of them...
look at these cuties!

we tried a group shot... koka kept getting in the middle though, this was the best we could muster

my brother and me =)
koka was in heaven at the playground with us... she kept following everyone around... she even looked longingly down the slide a few times. I'll be honest, I kind of wanted to give her a little push, just to see...

Oh, and we stopped by the Clements' house yesterday and got to see the results of the "Cake-Off" between Curry and Logan. Curry did the golf bag...

and Logan did this fancy triple-layer cake. Don't we have fun friends???
We will be eating one of these beauties tonight at the New Year's Eve bash. Ok, technically it might not be a bash, but I am sure we'll all have fun!
Happy New Year!


  1. so great to see you have company...love all the pictures and i really love the PJs!!! great idea....and the kitchen. wow...you are so creative little mama.

    love ya

  2. Cool day and it looked like everyone had fun...bet you're going to have to explain the "aardvark" to everyone else but me! I wish I had see the armydillo....on base and everything, the only ones I ever see are dead, dead, dead!
    Love ya!

  3. Oh ya, tell Currie and Logan that those cakes look fabulous! A cakeilicious New Years Eve looks to be in your future!

  4. Looks like you're having fun! The cakes look yummy. I know Nathan will enjoy the cake. Love Sandy

  5. First of all...glad we went to the Refuge instead of the park with you. How funny is that! I guess that's what you get for going to the secluded park. Maybe there's a reason it's secluded! Poor dog, you didn't push her, did you??? hehe! Hope you had a great NYE with the Clements!