24 December 2008

my best Chirstmas present...

...was given to me when I was in Africa 9 Christmases ago. I hope my husband gets the same gift this year...

I am a terrible person when it comes to "waiting" to open presents. I have gotten a bit better with age, but its still a challenge at times. When I was 23 in Africa, I got so many packages for Christmas. Tons! The other missionaries laughed at how many boxes and gifts I got. And a lot of the packages were full of things to give to the MK's or children in the village. My Grandma Lewis even wrote a poem to accompany the gifts she sent, describing the gifts' significance. That was a whole lot of love.

Of course, I ripped open every single present before Christmas day. Once I started, it was nearly impossible to stop. (I think Walker might have this same trait - he opened three gifts yesterday. OH! And one more while I typed this!). So my Christmas morning was quiet.

Very quiet. I lived in my own little house. There were no presents under the tree. My phone didn't work right so nobody could call me. I didn't have my own computer to check email.

And in the quiet. I pulled out my Bible. And I read the story. Jesus came as a baby to ransom me. To redeem me. All of it was for me. And you. In the quiet of my little missionary home, I celebrated, perhaps for the first time; the Truth of the Christmas story.

And each year since, my celebration has been sweeter. And this year will be no different. For God, the Creator of the Universe, came as a tiny baby. For me. And for you.

My prayer is that we can celebrate this birth wholly. All of us together, even as we are apart. Last night Wilson asked me to pray that "Daddy would have a good Christmas." And when I prayed, I thanked God that we can celebrate the coming of our Savior no matter where we are or who we are with (or without). And even in the telling of the Virgin birth the angel of the Lord tells us, "For nothing will be impossible with God." Luke 1:37.

So I pray that you would experience the impossible this year, and that you can celebrate His journey to rescue you. And me.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautiful! May you find His peace and fullness as you celebrate His brith tomorrow. We love you and hope that someday we can all be together to enjoy not only each others presense but the one who came to give us life!

    Merry Christmas sweet Oklahoma Family!

  2. Geez Amanda, I don't think you've written a post that DIDN'T make me teary eyed in a while!

    Merry Christmas to you, Brad, and W2...Have a blessed New Year.

  3. Merry Christmas Amanda, Hug Wilson and Walker for us all ...we love n miss you all.

  4. What a wonderful blog. I'm praying for you ALL and I hope you don't mind if I drop in tomorrow just for a quick "hi" and hug. ♥ you guys! and I ♥ your PJs!

  5. Oh the blessing that you give... in all that you do; you give the glory to our Savior. You have a wonderful heart and the love that you have for Christ shows in all that you do.