08 December 2008

oh wilson...

we are on our way out the door... Wilson has his hair styled a bit differently, maybe a little side-swept even.

He said, "Don't you like my hair better like this than sticking straight up?"

I said, "Yes it looks nice."

He said, "I look like Mr. Curry on the Wii."


  1. I don't know who Mr. Curry is, but I'm sure Wilson looked handsome as ever!

  2. Too cute!

    As usual, your life seems to be full, but full of the important things. My life has been full of the urgent things lately, which is not always so good!

    Glad to see that you and the boys are well.

  3. I just love the little "isms" that the kids come up with, they warm your heart and put a smile on your face!

  4. Well, I'm sure that Mr. Curry feels honored to be one of Wil's "good guys" and I believe he's a pretty good role model, of course I'm not sure Mr. Curry's character on the Wii is exactly what Mr. Curry sees himself as either! I sure do miss you guys alot!