11 December 2008

puffy eyes, friends, and a special drive...

so, this is what walker looks like when he has an allergic reaction to guifenesen. (at wal-mart, trolling around waiting for our scripts... he has a cold.) my friend Amy sent some goodies for me along with her "Dear Army Family" cards. She is so crafty... oh she also sent a tissue cozy - but its already in my purse. Pocket tissue is my daily accessory. Oh, and I won a contest on her blog but the ornament is already on the tree. And she loaded the box with some dumdum suckers too. So we were all pretty happy! The card says, "You know you're getting old when Santa starts looking younger." HeeHeeHee. The inside had all kinds of nice words and encouragement in it...

and check out the flip-side of the necklace... "brave." got me all teary-eyed when I saw that. one of my favorite songs is "Brave" by Nichole Nordeman (you can listen to it here.)Talk about a cheap thrill... Hot Cocoa, disposable travel mugs, and a good Christmas CD. (this is the one our church sold this year, we LOVE it.)
...and off we go to see Christmas lights. Big girl included.


  1. and of course the "big girl" gets shotgun. . .someday she and Wilson will be fighting over that seat!!! Such a cute necklace and way to go for winning a contest too! We hope to take a drive north to see all the festive Christmas lights once the kids are out of school. So close to it just never do it! What a smart mommie with the disposable travel cups! you clever thing you!

  2. Now that picture of Walker looks alot like some of my reactions to anything that my body feels may be trying to attack...what was that reaction too?

    Love big girl in the front, reminds me of our trip! How were the lights?

  3. mom, the medicine is an expectorant... the same sort of thing happened with the morphine after his surgery - except his entire face turned beat red.

    i was glad we already had scheduled the doctor appointment so he could see the reaction - he prescribed a steroid to combat the reaction as well as help with the cough.

  4. Man kiddo, maybe we need to compare notes, with what I have reactions to and what gram has reactions to....poor little guy! Glad he had an appointment too, and steriods are the usual answer.

  5. Girl, you are one super cool mom... it's the simple things that our kids remember. You would have thought you took them to Starbuck's by the look on their face. Just wait until they are older and take a trip down memory lane....and they remember drinking cocoa while drving to see the Christmas lights. I ♥ when Lo takes a trip down memory lane.