26 December 2008

we got one great Christmas gift today...

...beautiful weather! Oh my goodness, the kind of day that feels just like spring. I know we'll have sinus headaches tomorrow, but sometimes its worth it. We spent most of the afternoon outside. I took advantage of the great weather and got started on the cardboard kitchen project. (I'll tell the whole story when the project is finished...) Wilson got to practice his hula-hoop. This is what he asked for from Santa. This combined with the GeoAir means he got both a hula-hoop and a plane that loops-the-loop. You can see he has mad-hula-hoop-skillz. Gets that from his Daddy I bet. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet this week. And with all the extra cardboard I am going to have on hand (a TON), I thought I would try out a little table. Walker quickly converted it into his own personal work station for his little laptop.

And after rearranging the house to fit the new stuff and preparing for Nate's arrival, we still had time for a few games of "fake Wii." Wil is enjoying it, and its easy enough for him to operate. Walker is pretty stubborn about taking direction with it, so when it is his "turn" its as if the game has been paused... maybe Uncle Nate can teach him... =0

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  1. Looks like you've had a great Christmas! God is great. It's about 8 am and I'm listening to the thunder. Yep, thunder on the 27th of December in MI. It is supposed to get up close to 60 today.