16 December 2008

your prayers

Please pray today for Brad's family.

Brad's Aunt Linda passed away yesterday at the age of 46. She has been battling lung cancer for about 18 months, but her passing yesterday was a shock.

Brad's dad has been able to be with Uncle David, and will spend this afternoon with him as they make funeral arrangements.

Brad's grandparents were on their way here for Christmas when they found out. They had made it as far as Oklahoma yesterday and then turned around. Please pray that they would have a safe return to Michigan.

Uncle David and Aunt Linda have 5 children. Please pray for Andy, Josh, Rachel, Lisa and Aaron as they begin the process of mourning the loss of their mother. Brad is hurting for his cousins and his Uncle. He is feeling the distance today, and I know he would appreciate your prayers for his family as well as for himself.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity for me as I consider what changes we might be making in regard to our plans for Christmas.

We do rejoice that Aunt Linda is in heaven today, breathing deeply of the essence of heaven.


  1. My prayers are with Brad, it's so difficult to be away, with David, the children, with Brad's Dad, and with you and the kids. I'm praying for safe travel for Grandpa and Grandma G, I hope they have a traveling day filled with good weather and the peace of mind they need for the drive.

    May you and the boys feel God's peace today....love you kiddo and wish I could do more, let me know!


  2. Thank you! We miss you deeply!

  3. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. We will keep Brad and all of his family in our prayers. Love Sandy