23 January 2009

chop chop...

...here is a before... granted, it was taken right after working out... this isn't exactly how I look when I am out and about, but you get the idea... ...and after!
and the back...

Barbie had planned on watching Walker for me this afternoon during my Dr. appt, but then she volunteered to watch him all day! Oh my! So I had time to look online for haircut ideas, IM with Brad for awhile, and then talk through my hair options with my sis. Thanks Barbie! =)

Change is good!
also, Amy is having another giveaway. Her newest creation... click here.


  1. You are a beautiful woman! I love your new do!

  2. cute new cut! did they curl it or is that your natural curl?

  3. I love your haircut! So pretty and flattering!

    If that is just your natural curl, though, I WILL have to be just a little jealous.

    I'm looking to get my hair cut soon, too...it's about time for my semi-annual haircut. LOL

  4. It looks great...isn't it amazing how a new haircut can make you grin? Sometimes it's fun being a girl.

  5. As always, you look fantastic...but that new hair cut...VaVaVooom!! What a good choice and how lucky are you to have that natural curl!

  6. ok, just to clarify...

    I walked out of the salon with wet hair and a little curl-definer in it. I ran some errands and went to the doctor. When I got home I straightened out the bangs a bit and curled five or six sections with my curling iron. Viola!

    Thankfully a hairstylist convinced me to stop fighting the wave in my hair. So much less work that way!

    and I went to supercuts. I am not a big fan of walking out of a place with my hair looking PERFECT because I can NEVER recreate that look myself... plus, SO much cheaper!!!

  7. I love your short hair, the cut really fits your personality. Love it! Did the boys notice? Love Sandy

  8. look at that hair!!!! i love it! very inspiring....

  9. Oh I love it sis!