17 January 2009


...good sleep again last night!

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I remembered this morning that I snapped this pic with my camera yesterday at wal-mart of wall-e. He is becoming quite the little helper when I run errands lately. (We had to price items for the next PWOC program so I can submit a purchase order, so I can wait for someone to call me, so I can meet them back at the same place, so I can pick up said items, so someone can pay for them with the chapel credit card for the next program. I am finally getting used to the cycle now.) We are going to pick up some doughnuts from our fav place this morning and I am going to use my starbuck's gift card again for a hazelnut misto... then we are going to hang out around the homestead... oh, and I am going to see if the vacuum still works after 'the great smoke-out' on Tuesday. Wish us well - and have a fantabulous Saturday yourselves!


  1. He's so adorable. He looks just like you. I have Jack this weekend and we're playing with the trains. Just before I got on the computer I was thinking how nice it would be to have the 3 boys together. I was wondering if Wilson would think he was to mature for the little guys now! Love Sandy

  2. He looks like he's ready to go! I'm jealous of Sandy again, but I did get to go and spend the night down at Jack's house not too long ago, so I guess it's not all that bad!

  3. Love the pic... he is too cute. I am glad that you are sleeping. You can take a half of a melatonin if it makes you groggy in the AM.
    We may have to go for donuts on Mon. Are you loving this weather???

  4. So glad you are finding ways to keep your days busy, and that your PWOC is going great too! Walker is such a cutie, that smile is a winner too!