15 January 2009

five steps to a more restful night...

  1. drink sleepytime tea

  2. enjoy a bubble bath

  3. read a fiction book (my new 'bible study' this spring is actually a book club & bible study. Two ladies wrote the bible study curriculum to go with The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Tough ; should be interesting...)

  4. take 3mg melatonin just before bed (thanks for the reminder Molly, I had some in my medicine cabinet, I tried it before and it didn't seem to work, but I am sure it won't hurt, so why not try???)

  5. count my many blessings

I'll let ya know the results tomorrow...

Also... if we are ever independently wealthy and we own a private jet... I am totally going to see if we can hire this guy... Talk about a miraculous story.

I bet these folks are holding their loved ones extra tight tonight!


  1. Give the melatonin a week and see how it goes. I always used to get into bed and stress about the fact that I wasn't going to sleep. Of course I didn't sleep because I kept telling myself that I wouldn't and stressing about waking up the next day with not enough sleep. I had to change my thought patterns. I worked well! I hope you had a lovely slumber last night!

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  3. an unbelievable journey that ended in a miracle straight from the Hands of God.

  4. Hey I hope you DID get some sleep! With all the things that went wrong with the take off of the jet, there couldn't be a doubt that the Lord wanted to remind all of us that he is still out there and capable of taking any situation and making the outcome "unexpected"! Seems to me alot of the newspeople had to do some fancy footwork to say "Wow, maybe there are miracles after all!"

  5. That was awesome, wasn't it?! Hope you are sleeping snug as a bug!