10 January 2009

fly me to the moon

Brad, this one's for you... I told you he was high up on that-jungle-gym-thing. Fearless. After a brief shopping trip (somewhat successful, but not that fun), we declared today Pajama Day. I got the idea after Mom L mentioned that Colson was having Pajama Day at school on Friday... if it's fun for school, then certainly its fun for home... So we ate some junk food for lunch and then made some cookies... Which worked out well because they are learning about measuring at school this week, and Wilson requested that "we measure something together." I told him it was time to get started and he was MIA so I yelled down the hall, and he came running, all decked out in the hat & apron... The boy needs to work on his egg-cracking-skills - yowza, there was egg white all over the place. ewww.
For our pizza & movie Saturday night, we watched a 3D movie, "Fly Me to the Moon." The movie was so-so, with some questionable humor...
Walker was pretty serious about wearing his glasses...
Wilson was a little more laid-back...

Thankfully the movie had both the 3D version and the regular version on the DVD, we switched less than half-way through. It was cute though, the first little fly that flew toward the screen, Walker jumped and grabbed his hands. It was adorable!
I marked our calendar for the 2nd Saturday of each month through June. I was thinking of a way to start measuring time, without making it a focus... so I think we'll do a special Pajama day each month until Brad comes back... although when it gets warmer, we might switch to Swimsuit day (great!).


  1. i forgot to mention that walker got some new tennis shoes today and didn't want to put his pj's on... hence he's still dressed...

  2. You are such a brave soul. I have a hard time relinquishing control of the kitchen. Maybe because I'm always cleaning it?!

  3. Oh and, I had a really good laugh over the underwire. It all come to my attention as I was frantically searching for clothes to wear to church = ) We still managed to make it on time though!