16 January 2009

going to my happy place...

so my test last night was successful, I slept rather well. Although I was quite groggy this morning. Hmmm...

Also, thus far, I am unimpressed with my fiction book. Granted, it is the 4th in a series and I have not read the first 3, so I am having trouble keeping the characters straight... thankfully one of my friends is reading the series now and has volunteered to help me with some character mapping. I would hate for the story to deter from the bible study. I really feel like this was the right class for me, so I am certain I will not be defeated.

And furthermore, in the comments, my friend Molly mentioned the power of our thoughts, I have to copy & paste what she said, because this describes some sleepless nights I have had perfectly... I always used to get into bed and stress about the fact that I wasn't going to sleep. Of course I didn't sleep because I kept telling myself that I wouldn't and stressing about waking up the next day with not enough sleep. I had to change my thought patterns.
She is right. And like I said, I have done this before... I read once that you should visualize your favorite memory... use as many of your senses as possible to re-create that moment. I usually do this with one of our days of our cruise... when we were laying out on the deck. It was 'perfect.' I might try that tonight if I don't fall right to sleep...

I bought new batteries for the camera, so I should have some more pictures this weekend. I volunteered to take some pics of a friend and her family before her husband deploys... so I might have to practice some lighting/settings on the boys this weekend. They are going to LOVE it! For real, I am just hoping that a few of the pictures I take for my friend turn out well enough to print!

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  1. Ahh, soon I will have some cruise memories to use to help me sleep too, and after the last month here at church....where I am right now on a SATURDAY....I could use a couple of great nights of sleep!