02 January 2009


We went to Incredible Pizza today in OKC (well technically it was the Warr Acres location). Thankfully, Jenn & family volunteered to meet us there and then the Clements Crew had some changes in their plans, and they came up too! It was so wonderful to be there with friends! Is that some follow-through or what??

and here they are, putting out another fire!

cruising along Route 66, I bet.

Wilson, spinning on one of the little-kiddie-rides... wheee! Walker wanted off that same ride...

Getting ready for RT 66 mini-golf!
He takes his putt-ing seriously.
Nate on the race track. He raced Barbie, Ginny, (Curry's sis from Alabama) and Curry. Barbie sped past him early... But he held onto 2nd place. The boys had fun watching...
We also did some RT 66 mini-bowling, and ate more pizza than we (I) probably should've. We all had a fun day. I am so, so thankful for my friends here. God has blessed our family so richly with friends that love on our boys and just step up to help... I know it helps Brad to know that our family is well-cared for in his absence as well. It would've been super if I had thought to get a group photo!


  1. Gosh, that looks like a really neat place. Amanda, thanks for everything! Love Sandy

  2. Gosh, at first I thought that was WIls with the follow through and then I realized it was Lil W!

    That kids going places, love AUnt Na