31 January 2009

january thaw...

...when Wilson got off the bus yesterday, he wanted to sled on the front sidewalk. The north side of the house hadn't thawed... much. you see we pulled out the 'fancy-dancy sled' again...

wipe-out! (meanwhile, Walker is playing with the ice-cold water coming out of the eaves run-off)
...it was actually SUPER slick out there, because the snow/ice had melted really s-l-o-w-l-y. so it was turning into one large slab o'ice instead of individual pellets of ice... you know?
they both had a turn falling onto their little keysters...

I had to snap a picture of the 'thaw in progress.' I was standing between the street and the sidewalk to prevent any mishaps. This part of the yard was not blocked by the shadow of the house, so you can see it was fairly well melted... I still ♥ these shoes Brad.

...and always the diligent one- after a few turns on the sledding sidewalk, Wil wanted to finish shoveling the driveway. They pulled out their 'equipment' again, and got to work. Thankfully the sun did most of the work earlier in the day. Wilson was able to complete the job and enjoyed the satisfaction that came with his accomplishment.
Today was not nearly as warm as I had hoped it would be... but I will not complain, because I have a feeling most of you reading this would've gladly traded your weather for mine. I worked on a project outside. Curry and Barbie were kind enough to let Logan come help me. It was so fun hanging out on the freezing driveway with her today! Anyway, I am waiting to post pictures until the project is all done...


  1. how fun they can play in the snow without coats, reminds me of when we lived in CO. I love the makeshift sled, that is just so cool. And yes, a bit envious and your temps but hey today we had 38 YIPPEE, and it was awesome and felt so good.

  2. Oh my...so much goodness all in one post =) The shoes are my favorite part, hehe. I passed down my love of shoes to none other than....JOSH!

    I said the same thing to Tim about that message...I need to listen again and again. I'm going to sit down today and take copious notes!