08 January 2009

a little sword fight of sorts...

for Daddy, naturally.

WARNING: if your speakers are turned up, you may want to turn them down a bit. the screaming could possibly blow something. Walker is a little Gordon Ramsay-ish when he yells "get out a' here my kitchen!"

I think Wilson is challenging Daddy to a sword fight at the end...


  1. cute! whew you were right about the scream, I had to quickly turn down the volume! But oh how adorable and the "I love you" by Walker melted my heart!

  2. Aw, Walker's "I love you" about made me cry! I SO love it when kids express their love without being prompted to do so!

    That screaming sounds a LOT like what Puckey and Jib do quite frequently during the day...although it's usually ME yelling "get out a-here my kitchen"!

  3. We LOVE those swords but I've never seen the shields. How fun!