24 January 2009

long couple a' days...

... I guess two days in a row without a nap caught up with the little man. Wilson cam back to my room to tell me that Walker had changed the TV channel and when I came out he was asleep. I thought he was faking at first, because he often does that at bedtime... I put a diaper on him to protect our precious couch and Wilson and I went to work on the cupcakes. I thought for sure he would wake up during our baking... But no, he stayed asleep, tossing, turning, stretching out... (are his legs getting long or what???)

So I am guessing I better get to sleep quick because I might be in for an early morning tomorrow... either that or my baby might be coming down with something...

1 comment:

  1. I sure hope he is just in need of some sleep. Sorry he missed a nap when he was with me. Logan is running a low grade temp. tonight. Seems like she is getting everything that comes past this year(don't know why).

    Love to new do....are you going to share some cupcakes???? What kind did you make?