21 January 2009

momma got some surprises today!

first from daddy... a little shuffle to make my work-outs a little more interesting... Wilson thought it was "cute" I didn't realize until I was im'ing Brad later, that it had a little message on it... I've told you before and I'll say it again, My Husband Rocks

My second surprise was a little summer heat we had this afternoon. Ok let's be honest, its springtime heat here the summer is downright hot. Walker kept asking to go outside this afternoon and I had a terrible headache, but finally I relented and it was beautiful - like 75 degrees... So we walked down to the bus stop and the boys rode bikes for an hour...

..not sure why Walker wanted to wear the goggles. You never really know with that guy!

Walker cracked me up when he put this bib on... we use it for an eraser on our little chalkboard in the garage. Oh that boy just makes me laugh!

Ok, so seriously. Time is doing weird things right now. I know it is passing, and yet its like someone has pressed pause. For example, today at the gym, I asked when the other gym was going to be finished (it is being renovated and its right across the street from the childcare center, so I prefer that one).

The lady behind the counter answered, "March or April."

And my reply - for real - was, "A-whole-nother YEAR???"

She looked puzzled, Barbie looked puzzled... I finally realized its only a few months, but still time is confusing me right now.


  1. Don't worry sweetie, we all have days like that. Nothing a little chocolate won't cure.

    I agree your hubby does rock!!!Don't replace me with that cute little thing that he sent you. It won't talk back to you or make you laugh when you are working out. Although it won't complain about the treadmill being at a 7.5 incline either. Do you ever wonder what people think about the conversations that we have while at the gym???

    Walker is ever surprising. Never know what he'll do next. Loving the weather.... hope it stays for a while.

  2. Uh hum....Barbie and Amanda, I must let you know that talking about 75 degree weather in our 35 degree heat wave is apt to make the peeps up here in the ole north a little "testy"! Of course when the morning temp was 1 yesterday 35 degrees is nothing to scoff at, but 75 give me a break. Luckily I am only 10 yes 10 days away from the CRUISE! so I will give you a break!....and you think Walker is a little funny....look in the mirror kiddo!

  3. way to go Brad with the shuffle! you will love it. Jacquie got one for her birthday, its pink, of course and loves it. Love the inscription too! What a great guy! you will enjoy it during your workouts I am sure, makes them alot easier to endure when you can listen to great music and great chatter from a good friend too!

    Seriously does spring start in OK in January??? geez and I thought that a whooping 34 was warm. But hey we are way north so what can we expect?

    I am not going to show the kids pictures of your boys biking. Colson will be jealous for sure, thats his very favorite thing to do outside, besides swim!

    but headaches and bright sun don't mix too well hopefully dark sunglasses helped.

  4. Your boys are SO cute. And your husband? AWESOME! What a cool idea with the message on the iPod.

    Hoping you get your time issues worked out...LOL It really doesn't seem like it's January, and it's already more than half over!