10 January 2009

oh boy!

notice the 'shoes' We are heading out this morning in search of some pants that are long enough for these boys. Monday when Wilson got dressed for school his jeans were all too short. So after a week of enduring, we are on a quest today.

As I was getting Walker dressed, I leaned over him and said, "go put on your spiderman shoes."

His reply, "actually, crocs."

Ok, great, now I have two that adore accuracy in conversation! (And technically, those aren't crocs... they are $7 rubber shoes with fleece lining from Wal-mart.)

Maybe I will post again later today, I haven't quite gotten back into the routine of blogging yet. Maybe not.


  1. Isn't it funny how they can just grow 2 inches overnight?!?!

    Puckey got a pair of "faux crocs" for Christmas, and I must say, she likes them. A LOT. Fortunately, she has no idea what crocs are, so they're just "shoes".

  2. My kids are correcting me all the time. I'd like to say they are never right when they do, but.... = )