19 January 2009

our day off...

my first handmade gift from Wilson didn't last long... Wil made this at school and brought it home all wrapped up for Christmas... sadly, after I hung it up; it cracked. Wilson suggested "Mighty Putty" to fix it... I'm thinkin we'll make another with real plaster, (pretty sure that would still be cheaper than Mighty Putty). Wilson used his paper recycling factory today that he got for Christmas from the Clements. Unfortunately Little Big Man helped himself to the directions before we got around to using this... google helped me find some vague directions. We shredded used up coloring pages last night and Wil was ready to go FIRST thing this morning... like before I even had a cup of coffee(!!!) He mainly wanted to make Daddy a valentine with this paper...

Then we met some girls at the park for bike/scooter/coaster car riding... It was a bit chillier than we thought it was going to be...

Wilson had a moment chattin' up Harley. He plans on marrying her, he has mentioned this on numerous occasions, usually in casual conversation quite matter-of-factly.
And after naps we worked on Daddy's Valentine box.

The boys each picked out some cards from the PX and they also made some of their own. You never know if it will take 6 days or three weeks to get there, so I try to error on the side of early. So far we haven't been late for any special occasions...

We enjoyed our MLK day. Of course we had a little chat about MLK (I think kids should at least know why they have the day off). Wilson asks the best questions. You wouldn't have believed the size of his eyes when I told him that people used to be treated differently because of what color skin they have. (I know prejudice still exists, but I am talking about the more blatant things...) I tried to explain how monumental tomorrow's inauguration is going to be. It is hard to put into words though. I haven't watched much TV this weekend, but I am guessing that the networks might be going a little overboard with the coverage. But the truth is, we are watching history. Regardless of political opinions, its a big moment for our country, I hope you find a way to celebrate it.


  1. You are so correct in that what is about to happen is making history. We are planning on watching it. I think it's great that you are taking the time to talk with the boys about past history and the history that is about to be made. Wil is a smart little boy.... I am sure he will have some more questions about what you talked about yesterday. I can't imagine his sweet litte face when you told him that people were treated differently b/c of their skin color.

    Love the Valentines..... we loved making Curry packages. And I know what you mean about getting there on time. Maybe that's why Walmart puts holiday items out two months in advance..... hee hee. Okay, probably not.

  2. Looks like you all had fun yesterday!

  3. so sad about his little plaster hand cracking, but its still adorable! Maybe you can get one of his and Walkers too! I always love it when I bring them out every Christmas and see the kids try and fit their hands in them! Just don't realize how big they are getting, even their hands, until they do that!

    Awe Valentines for daddy! too cute and making their own is the BEST too! truly from the heart.

  4. hey girl! i think about you guys so often! serious tears as i was catching up on your blog! you are an amazing wife and mama...i admire all of your strength and faith in our God!
    love you, miss you & praying for you and your family,