01 January 2009

ringin' in 2009

we played an outdoor round of HyperDash (thanks to Brad's suggestion) to ensure that we would take good naps before the big party. Mussy wanted to get into the game...

...we even got Nate to play. Walker didn't want anything to do with it though!

At the big New Year's Bash, the kids made a little dance routine for us...

look at them shake it!!!

I'm so glad that Logan & Nate don't think they are "too cool" to hang out with the little kids...

they were so fun to watch!

Walker didn't learn the routine, he just did his own breakdance moves!


  1. Thanks for ringing in the New Year with us. I think everyone had a good time.

    The kids were making more dance routines today.

  2. hilarious! Glad to see Nate fitting right in!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! How fun! :) Praying for a great 09 for you and your family!

  4. Everything looked like it was fun! I really wish I could have been in on the action!

  5. Nathan and Logan look like they had more fun than the little ones. I can't believe how grown up Logan is now! She's a pretty young lady now, not a little girl. Love Sandy

  6. Sandy, funny that you say that about Logan.. I asked Amanda who that "guy" was in the photo...... not the kid that we last saw.

    Nate is a sweet "guy". Thanks for sharing him with us; it was lots of fun. I really enjoyed beating them ALL at racing(I never win anything.... Victory was sweet).

    We hope he has a safe and quick trip home... maybe we'll see you all again before we leave OK.