28 January 2009

snow day - #2

this is what we call a 'fancy-dancy sled.' Oh, we are high-class folks for sure...

Seriously, this boy LOVED the sledding... even if it was in a cardboard box... We saw some other kids on the hill - their sleds were inventive as well... a turtle sandbox lid, a kiddie pool, and an underbed bin.

Walker didn't love the sledding so much...

This demonstrates part of the reason why...

Wil was a wee bit clumsy, he fell every-other-time he tried to get in/on...
Walker didn't mind giving his brother a little shove at the top of the hill, though!

And, of course, I had to take a posed shot... there was some sort of condensation taking place on the camera at this point...

It is supposed to be cold again tonight - below freezing. Which makes me wonder a little whether or not they will have school tomorrow. They don't really have much salt here, just sand... We shall see. Plus there is a chance for "freezing fog." Oh, there you have it... I just got the phone call - no school tomorrow. Wow... so different from the mitten!


  1. Living in Alaska, I remember it was -80 degrees (yes, 80 degrees below zero) and the schools said, "If your car will start, come to school". But these Okies really DON'T know how to drive on this stuff.

  2. Oh how cute. I love the inventive sled, what a smart mama! What a blessing to have 3 days of no-school FUN! and no crazy rat-race agenda either!

    Was so GREAT talking to you yesterday! thanks for calling, we sure do miss you guys and anxious to connect sometime soon!!!!

  3. It's funny how different parts of the country (or sometimes even the same state) react to winter weather.

    I know Nans has only had one snow day up North, and they've had WAY more snow than we've had here. But Bubber & Bug have had 3 or four snow days. Well, one of them was actually because it was too cold outstide.

    Love the cardboard sled - good thinking!

  4. You are definately the queen of cardboard.

    Logan used a garbage bag to sled on... it only worked one time.

    The first two days were fun.... now, this is just plain craziness.... alright already.

    I think it is suppose to be in the 50's on Sat.

    We are going to the commissary.. I'll call and check on you this AM.

  5. Freezing fog...I had never heard of that before living in OK. We, too had a big storm last night and school was cancelled today! YAY!! Us teachers are worse than the kids! Hope you guys are staying warm.

  6. Oh how funny! I haven't laughed this hard in a while. And then to top it off, I can just picture Logan sledding on a garbage bag. Way too funny. Love Sandy