29 January 2009

"snow" day #3... the fun never stops...

Wilson wanted to shovel the driveway today. I couldn't help but take some pictures... the equipment they are using for the size of driveway we have; pretty much is a direct correlation to the City of Lawton trying to clear the streets in town...

not even exaggerating... I saw a large tractor clearing streets on post today, I think they only have the one!

Wilson even tried a make-shift plow on his coaster car... very creative...

We did enjoy our day, it had a few bumps and a couple drops of Tabasco sauce, but overall, it was another nice, free day! I think tomorrow will be back to the grindstone. I kinda feel bad for the teachers after the kids had three days off in the middle of the week! I think Wil's class will be celebrating their 100th day (it was supposed to be Wednesday).


  1. I cracked up at Walker's tool of choice!!

    But hey, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! LOL

    Glad they were able to enjoy another "snow" day.

  2. Your boys are so inventive. I love how you allow them to try new things, you are there to encourage and not tell them.... you can't do that or it's not going to work. Looks like they had fun trying.

    I am glad that it Mr. Sun took care of the ice on the roads.... if we waited for the city to clear the roads... the kids would be out of school until March for sure.

    See you in a little while....with

  3. It really is fun to see how they enjoy the white stuff! The kids around here are pretty much wishing they didn't have to see it everyday...I could imagine the look on Walker face when he stood next to one of our snow banks here and it's waaaaaay over his head....and at the church the snow banks on the edges are lots higher than the houses across the street! Hey we're into hours til cruise now....wooohhhoooo!