27 January 2009

Snow Day! (aka tiny ice pellet day!)

... Wilson was pretty surprised when he looked outside this morning. The boys keep referring to this as snow... but its really more like a collection of tiny pieces of ice. Nearly the whole town is shut down... even Fort Sill is 'closed.' You aren't supposed to drive unless you really have to... And I wouldn't want to anyway =)They tried to catch some "flakes" on their tongues...
And tried to make "snow" angels...

...not without some serious struggle. Walker's shirt and coat came up and he got some ice/snow on his back. He was done and ready to go inside after this incident.

Wil didn't want to come in, but I bribed him with some hot cocoa and the promise of venturing out again this afternoon.... Warming up with a good show!

I shot a little video, you can hear the sleet/hail/ice/freezing rain (???) falling throughout. You can also hear the wind a little. I thought Daddy would like to see his boys in the "snow."


  1. I guess this is what we get for talking about our 75 degree weather!!!! Is your mom on her cruise yet??? I am sure she'll have a good laugh with this post.

    Love the pic of the boys trying to catch "ice pellets". Logan is playing outside some. I am staying warm inside(quilting)...heehee.

  2. we would glady ship you some of our snow and COLD! Glad the boys enjoyed the snow/sleet/pellets! When you don't have it on a regular basis I am sure you get anxious for it and appreciate it!

  3. I know Ben & Tracy's girls were very excited about the "snow" as well...

    Like Cindy said, I'd be happy to send you some of the "real deal" from up here. We just got what looks like maybe 1-2 more inches last night.