17 January 2009

thank you for the wild weather patterns...

...we will take the warmth the day after the cold every time its offered. as promised, some pictures. I did try out some other settings, I can't really say that I can tell much difference, but its sort of fun to learn new tricks... This is a photo-of-the-month reject, kind of cute though, huh? oh, I just love me a good hand-holding picture...
I tried a couple of close-ups of the boys. They LOVED it... well, maybe not...
well, maybe a little...

we had a pretty lazy day, that unfortunately did not include naps, so there were three grouches by the time bathtime came around... I think the weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow! Love it!


  1. the picture of their two little hands is so worth framing! I love that! So glad you are experiencing some parts of Global Warming!! Al Gore should be praised! LOL

  2. Isn't it fun trying to get kids to cooperate with the camera....great pics and wonderful weather, we got another 10 inches of winter white brightener!

  3. I actually like that pic of Wil. Such cute kids! I, also, LOVE the hand holding shot. I would try to get one of those of my boys but I'd probably be shot!!! ☺

  4. I would give anything, well almost for some warm weather. Love the picture of Wilson. It's a whole different look for him! Love Sandy

  5. awhh...i love the hands pic! so precious!