14 January 2009

today's playlist

soak up the sun... building a mystery...

too legit to quit...
heaven in the real world...
these boots are made for walking ...

the temperature is supposed to bottom out tonight... with lows in the teens and a high tomorrow in the 30's... brrr... I'm guessing I am not going to get too much sympathy...
I made it through my 2nd work-out today... and I didn't even feel like I was going to throw-up! That's pretty good for me! I am hoping it helps me sleep tonight, the insomnia is rearing its ugly head again. I have a dr. appointment next week and will hopefully be able to get a prescription refilled (I have a new doc now, and the prescription was to help with sleep and avoid headaches, however its an off-label-use so you never know if this doc will like the idea...)
Oh, and in other news. We paid off my student loan today!!! One (loan) to go baby!
what was your song for the day???


  1. It's a hard (hard) habit to break (for the gluten)

    OR maybe

    Stand (in the place where you live, now face north...) Just because I feel a bit lost this week.

    Great bloggin' as usual. LOVE the pics of your boys!Miss you guys!

    And I forgot to tell you we'll be in town Saturday afternoon thru Monday night. I have an UL party Monday evening in Marlow!

  2. Huge congrats on paying off your student loans! What a big load off of your shoulders! If your cold, come on up to Canada. You will be even colder! Our temps are insane right now. Kudos for going to the gym. Give it a bit of time and it should take care of your insomnia. Something I do is to take Melatonin every night. That and exercise are the only things that I have found to work. I can't do medication as I get a hangover from it. You can get Melatonin at GNC on post...the sublingual works best. Miss you!

  3. another debt gone! got to be a great feeling and relief! Sunshine! oh my! was it warm sunshine? we got a bit but it surely wasn't warm sunshine. Sounds crazy but with temps -12 here the sun doesn't feel warm.

  4. How awesome to get a student loan paid off! Getting debts paid off is such a great feeling!

    Good job on the working out. If you are consistant (and don't work out in the evening), that really should help you sleep.

    I think the song of the day is "Baby, it's cold outside"!

  5. Love those little guys, seems like forever since I was down, I better get busy planning...with as cold as it is up here, George has even said we can move on down south, but we have to go half way, between you and Rene. Of course, we would just get moved and you would move, or Rene would move, and then we would have to move too...maybe just planning trips is the answer!

  6. Way to pay off the loan Lutz Family!! I know it feels great. Many sacrifices have been made but you are almost debt free!!!! YEAH!!

    Love the pics as always....... you are so great capturing great shots.

  7. Forgot to say great job on the loan payoff. Dave would be proud. ☺

    But what's up with no one, except Julie, givin' up some songs?!

  8. Such handsome boys. Congrats on paying off the loan. We are so proud of you and Brad and everything you have accomplished. Good job! Love Sandy

  9. ok, how about. . . "another one bites the dust?" for paying off the loan? does that work??

  10. That's a good one. I didn't think about songs for the debt payoff!!!

    What about "Bye, bye, bye".