06 January 2009

walker's got a drum...

...sung, in my head, to the tune of "Janie's Got A Gun." Classic. Of course, Walker is an inventive sort of fellow and has been referring to this as his "backpack." Which he needs assistance putting on. Super.

And, why not throw in a picture of a Jolly Rancher?

We have successfully reintegrated ourselves into the routine. Sort of. Every one is a little extra tired these days. But as long as we sleep well, that is usually a-ok. I have been wanting to write some sort of reflective and thoughtful New Year's post.

But I'm just not feelin' it. I think partly because I am looking forward to Brad's return in June, and that is when I see a New Year beginning - plus the teacher in me has always kind of viewed that time of year that way, and with my PWOC position wrapping up in May... you get the point, right?

I have noticed a bit of a change in anticipation... even with it being more than 5 months away... the giddiness is beginning to drift in. And I rather like it. But I am asking it to be tempered with perspective and focus, so as not to get too carried away with all the glee. Five months is still awhile.

Also, this year, we will know the answer to the question, "Are we stayin' in or gettin' out?" In His time, and with peace in our hearts, we will know. And then we will certainly let you know as well...

One more thing. You know I don't set the alarm here. Who needs one with the boys, the dog, and on still mornings, the bugler... This morning at about 6:37am, I heard a tiny little whisper next to me (Walker stumbles in here sometime in the night, most nights - we have five months to break that habit), with all kinds of sweetness and warmth my little man tenderly said "my booty made a sound."

Well, alright then, let's get this party started.


  1. Out of the mouth of babes... Walker is too cute. I love to new backpack... let's not bring that one to Barbie's house, ok??

    I am glad to hear that the giddiness is coming... 5 months will be here before you know it.

    And knowing that God is in control about staying in or getting out... why not share with your hubby where you would like to go if you guys do stay in. It's just a "wish" list but it's okay to wish. We will be praying for the right decision for your family.

  2. First...so funny. Walker & Cameron gotta quit teaching each other things! ☺

    Second...Barb: why did you have to bring up the Lutz MOVING?! For some reason that hadn't crossed my mind as a possibility! Ack! (I know...duh)

  3. Walker and Puckey would get along swimmingly! Puckey loves to tell me, "Mommy, I FARTED!", which is generally followed by hysterical laughter.

    I love the drum backpack. And if you think about it, at least he can't PLAY the drum whilst it's on his back! That isn't really a bad thing is it?

    As for "staying in or getting out" - I know you and Brad will both put much prayer and thoughtful consideration into whatever decision you make, so I will just pray for the both of you to hear what God is saying!!

    Um...5 months....YEAH!!!!!

  4. Fun Fun Fun! Love the Jolly Rancher, love the drum, love the routine, both those that work and those that need to be broken, love the booty bomb, and I love you guys!

  5. Wilson you look like the Incredible Hulk with a jolly rancher in his mouth! Love Meme