18 February 2009

belts and turkey

I whipped up a couple of little belts for the boys the other night with one of Brad's ACU tops (the zipper was broken). You can see Wilson likes his... Here is a little closer view...

Walker liked his until I put it on him. Maybe we'll try again in a day or so...they don't need them with most of their pants, there are just a few pair that fall right off their little booties... I found the simple tutorial here.

We had a turkey dinner tonight. I sort of forgot about the turkey in our freezer - I originally planned on cooking it for Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa G. My friend and her son came over. Her husband is in Iraq and he left shortly after Thanksgiving. If you think of it, when you pray for us, would you also pray for Katie? I am finally spotting the shimmer of light at the end of our tunnel, but she can still see the light behind her from when he left. Every day over, is one day further from the day she last held him. (Thankfully my mom came and picked us up and brought us to Michigan at our 2 month mark. THANK YOU MOM! In case I didn't tell you before, THANK YOU! That was definitely a needed diversion for us then!)

So, your prayers are greatly appreciated. As always.


  1. I still rejoice in the time we had there and back...the pleasure was all mine!

    Love MomYaya,

  2. Love the belts.

    Well said about Katie... you are really geat with words.

    Turkey in Feb!!! If only I had freezer space to keep a Tom in it.