15 February 2009

a couple things...

I took these pictures some time in the last week or so... yes, they are in laundry baskets; um, yes, they are tied together with a microphone... they played like this for-ev-er......and giggled their silly heads off. (Who am I to judge, I made a bookshelf out of cardboard?!)Oh, and a girl from our SS class is expecting a baby girl this Friday. I wanted to get her a little something, and I found this SUPER easy tutorial on a blog for a swaddle sheet and burp clothes. She is an Army wife and I think something handmade is extra-special when family is so far away... Their last name is Cherry, so I picked a fabric with cherries on it... hehehe! Now I am waiting for someone else I know to get pregnant so I can make another...

And today, I got to take pictures of Nicole & Gavin welcome their hero home. It was the first welcome home ceremony that I have been to and it was spectacular. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! I hope I got some good shots for them, I put my camera away and used theirs...

(Julie, "we're debt free" post still to come...)


  1. See, you are passing your creativeness onto your boys. Savor the moments like these... they don't last long. I know people say that and I didn't really understand until one day a few weeks ago... Logan was standing in the kitchen and I glanced over and wondered where did my baby girl go???? She use to play in laundry baskets, too.

    I have never been to a welcome home ceremony. I know that may be hard to believe with being married to the military for 15+ years. I was there when the ship that Curry was stationed on would dock after being out to sea but nothing like what you are talking about. (guess your hubby's will be my first).

  2. Oh, how FUN!! Ben & Tracy are expecting a little boy in June...I think I will definitely have to make some of these.

    Love the boys in the laundry baskets - sounds like something Puckey & Jib would do.