17 February 2009


We were listening to K-Love on the way to school this morning (we always listen to K-Love -- unless an Amy Grant song comes on), and they are hosting a contest called "Uncommon Heroes." Basically, listeners can call in and tell a story about someone that has helped them become who they are today...

A lady called to tell a story about her elementary PE teacher, and from the backseat Wilson said, "We already know who our hero is..."

I turned around to look at him, and he smiled and said, "Daddy."

And momma almost started bawling right there behind the wheel.


  1. Out of the mouth of babes.....
    I LOVE IT!!! Your boy is so full of wisdom!!!

  2. he is just so sweet! their words always touch you right in that special place in your heart that seems to draw those tears from! a never forgotten moment!

  3. What an awesome moment...

    And I almost started bawling when I read it!

    You are raising a couple of sweet little boys, Amanda!

  4. He is so tender hearted. Gosh, I love that little kid. You need to write this stuff down. I know I wish I would have. When they hit 15, those tender, loving moments don't happen as frequently. Love Meme

  5. WOW! Could you be any more proud of the men in your life?!