19 February 2009

miss skinny legs...

here is a quick picture of the big girl this morning before her haircut... and, of course, the cutie boys. I updated the wreath for spring with a couple of patriotic birdies... (this really doesn't fit with the rest of the post, but I just wanted to show y'all)

and look how pretty she is after... you can't really tell, but her toenails match her purple ribbons.
Wilson liked the new cut... I was really hoping to have her all-poodled-out this time around, really girlify her with enough time to grow it all out before The Man comes home... but she was too matted so we had to settle for painted toe nails...
Walker ripped the ribbons out of her hair before I even got to take pictures (I had to find them and put them back in...), he takes after his daddy in that regard. These boys are not big on the froo-froo even for our big labradoodle.


  1. The wreath is super cute. I may have to give you some scraps in hopes of getting a couple of birds for my home. *hint...hint

    We painted Princess' nails one time at a sleep over... I wouldn't say she liked it but we made such a big deal about it that she did dance around some.

  2. Manda, You are going to have to explain to the boys that there are only two girls in the house and sometimes you need that fru fru for fun! C Crew, you are almost guaranteed to get the birds!

  3. Okay, is there a bird tutorial?? Those are so cute!

    A lone girl in a house full of boy-ish boys NEEDS a little fru-fru sometimes.

    Just tell the boys that they will learn to appreciate it some day.

  4. oh julie, you know I found the idea online... I actually made a couple of these little fellow for Christmas ornaments...

    here is a link to the pattern, I don't know how to do it fancy in comments, so you'll have to copy & paste it I think...


    if that doesn't work, I'll email it to you ♥

  5. Big girl is looking awfully cute! I agree with Yaya about there only being two girls in the house. Sometimes the Fru is necessary! xo