24 February 2009

piercing questions.

"Momma, I got your knife..." Walker yelled as he came running down the hall, while I was checking email this morning. Let's just say I was a little freaked to turn around and see what he had... Thankfully it was just my nail file... or my tiny knife, whichever you want to call it.

And on a much more serious note. This thing fell out of my sewing machine last night while I was getting a bobbin out of my little-secret-compartment-drawer...
...any ideas what it is... or where it goes??? Is it just some really weird foot that fell out of my little-secret-compartment-drawer???


  1. I wish I could be of some help, but I still need a lot of sewing machine help.

  2. Oh...don't know what that is. But on a lighter note, don't you just love those moments where you have to grab your camera or you might just scream?! God bless these sweet boys!

  3. Amanda, It might be the thread cutter that is usally on the side of the machine? Or the piece that guides the thread on the front of the machine.