27 February 2009

playdate/picnic at the park...

...some of the ladies met at a park on post yesterday after PWOC. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! A wonderful glimpse of things to come... today its chilly & breezy, so I am glad we got our picnic in yesterday. Walker is the one in the shades ;) We had to take his other shirt off because a kid flung water all over Walker and another little girl... of course, the water-thrower was not in our 'group' and his mom didn't see it happen... Walker went and wagged his finger in his face though. He is a defender of his friends.
I had so much fun hanging out with him, he LOVES to be outdoors!

I can't get over how old our baby is getting.
He was totally chillin' in the big swing...
And, naturally, I had to snap a self-portrait with the little man. We were getting ready to race down the slides. I would've totally beaten him if it weren't for my hips...
Wilson was a little jealous and angry when he found out we had a picnic. (He saw our lunch bag, and knew...) I tried to explain to him that when he was little he and I did all kinds of fun things together, and now its Walker's turn to spend special time with Mommy. He didn't really accept that argument, and deep down, I do feel a little bad about it. But such is life.

Tonight we are going to BINGO night at his school. Boy is he fired up about it too. I have been preparing him for two days now, "You might not win a prize, ok?" I think I am secretly preparing myself as well - momma likes prizes, you know?


  1. Wow what a day! I'm with Wilson, I'm a little jealous myself! I miss having alone time with my daughters! Of course I miss the alone time with my grandson's too, so I guess I am twice a jealous...maybe even three times as jealous...can't make up my mind. Bingo....I'm there....hope some one wins a prize!

  2. I know just how Wilson feels because the older boys used to feel the same way. Its tough for sure. The picture of Walker chillin' in the swing is adorable!

    So glad you had such great weather for a picnic. Someday it will arrive here too! we are ready and waiting.

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  4. The pic in the swing must be Walker's new "look".... that's how he was on my couch yesterday... just chillin'. We have had beautiful weather... let's hope this summer isn't unbearable!!!!

    Thanks for taking Logan with you to Bingo and thanks for not stealing her card when she Bingoed!
    She loves hanging out with you....

  5. I can not believe how big Walker has gotten, He's like looking at a little Amanda! I do feel bad for Wilson. Love Barbie's comment about the Bingo card, she knows you well. love Sandy

  6. It's tough when the big kid(s) go off to school and Mommy (or Daddy) gets the chance to do something fun with the little kids. And there's just no easy way to explain it, is there?

    So glad you had fun, hope Bingo went well. I see that you DIDN'T steal Logan's bingo card...LOL that made me laugh!!