25 February 2009

who let the frogs out?

...I know, seriously, could I be a bigger dork?? We have had a burst of springtime here this week. I even saw a tree budding earlier today! Spring is my favorite season (well, I love fall too, but I know winter comes after fall, so spring wins...) I had to snap a picture of Walker playing outside this afternoon - where the sandbox used to be... Not sure if there will ever be grass there; especially if he keeps excavating everytime we go out... I also snapped a picture of the Djiboutian bracelet my husband sent me. I will probably be wearing it often... might have to switch my other bracelet back to the other wrist... they kinda clash...

Brad sent the boys these little carved frogs as well. Walker was pretty thrilled with his...
Wilson was equally thrilled when he came home... his is the bigger frog - naturally.
The little sticks rest in the frogs mouth and when you take it out and rub it along the ridges on the back, the frogs make a croaking sound...

Here is a little frog and boy video for you, Brad...

Walker repeatedly said, "Hit it, Boy!" whenever they would start playing them.


  1. awe the video is a tear-jerker! and so darn cute! Those frogs are something. I am sure the boys will always treasure them; they are very unique and will be something awesome for Wilson to have for show-n-tell, that is if they do that there? Oh the your bracelet, Amanda, beautiful!

  2. Grab the tissues!!!!!!!! Next time can you please place a warning on the video???? Love the bracelet and the frogs are perfect for your boys. I am sure that I will get to see them in person one day.

  3. Darn it Amanda! You need to warn those of us emotional women who cry at everything that your videos are going to make us cry! SHEESH!

    (I see I'm not the only one who feels that way)

    By the way, YES, you could be a bigger dork...(exhibit A - Ande on one of his dress-up days...LOL)

    Love that bracelet, and the frogs are SO cool!

    I wish it were spring here. *sigh*

  4. I agree with Mom, the water works were a flowin'. Your bracelet is gorgeous! Those frogs are awesome too! Those are little memories for sure!