09 March 2009


...pictures. Today. I think I just snap more pictures when we are outside. Today was the debut of after-dinner 'ice cream' outside. It is supposed to be 79 tomorrow and 47 Thursday, I forget Wednesday's forecast, but I know it was too early to really kick-off this ritual... But it was fun anyway... Walker's freezer pop had some sort of leak that kept getting a lot of attention...
Wilson added some insights...
...and assistance.
Afterwards they practiced walking backwards on the sidewalk. Natch. (short for naturally, surely you all knew that...)

The boys started throwing these little seeds/pods across the street but I suggested that driver's frown upon boys throwing objects into the street. So we began a contest of sorts rolling the pods down the sidewalk and seeing if we could make it to the last square before touching the grass. This game was a hit...
Don't you want to come play with us sometime?

I might post more of the 115 pictures tomorrow... I might not. You know how finicky I can be.

On a side note - I got a good chuckle tonight. The kind that you close your eyes and remember the moment and instantly start giggling again - and if you think about it enough, you eventually have tears in your eyes because you are laughing SO hard about the silly thing. I have to tell you. Those moments are rare with Brad gone. But tonight, I got a good one.

You see, I put the camera on the buffet inside the front door after the pictures of the boys walking backwards. Then we began our game, and it was so cute that I said, "Hold on, I gotta get a picture of this for Daddy." (which by the way, is a very common phrase around here). So I turn and walk in, to grab the camera. Approximately five steps in the door, if that.

The boys were laying down when I walked in, then I heard this blood-curdling screaming. Non-stop screaming.

And Wilson came running toward the door with a look of terror. Complete fear in his eyes as he screamed.

Honestly, I couldn't imagine what could've possibly occurred in the seconds that I had stepped inside...

As I reached for the door, I yelled to him, "What is wrong, Wilson?"

He gasps, "there is a cat in our yard."

Even right now I have to stop typing so I can hang my head in my hands and laugh. I think all of our talk about the vile nature of cats may have been a little too extreme!

(I know this can't possibly be as funny written as it was when it happened, but retelling it might help me keep it my memory bank a little longer!)


  1. I sure miss the warm weather! I cannot wait for winter to be done and over with! Soak it in!

  2. Since I know the Lutz family hatred of cats, that just CRACKED ME UP!!! I love kids.

    Wow, sure wish it was warm enough for ice cream here. Not that I need to be eating it, but it would be nice for it to be warm enough to.

  3. Ahh, George has those same reactions when a cat comes into our yard...the wild look in his eyes and everything....you guys didn't mention anything about cats to him did you? On the other foot, it might have been the time Rene's cat Riley bit George on the toe when he was sleeping that has caused that phobia. Perhaps....
    Train plane or automobile? See you soon!

  4. I have the same feeling about cats as Wilson does. I came home and there was a cat on our bench. So I sat mouse traps all over the bench, yeah right, real mature. Then of course Rene the cat lover comes over and wants to know why all the mouse traps are on the bench.... Love Sandy PS Let me know if Brad's address is the same, I want to get something in the mail to him.