20 March 2009

the BIG top came to town...

We walked down to the field this morning to watch the circus set up their tent. I made the mistake of bringing the big girl with us. Not a good choice to bring a dog - that is semi-aggressive to men - to watch a bunch of men set up a tent... Wilson thought it was cool, Walker was 'ready to go home now' every five minutes or so... We met up with Nicole & Aaron & Gavin and some of their friends at the show... Walker didn't want me to take his picture, and apparently neither did Mr. Aaron...
I am a sucker for cotton candy. And rather than buy some for myself, I buy it for my kids (maybe even before they ask me to...) Walker was unsure at first. This is his 2nd bite, and yes, that is fear in his eyes. I thought I had certainly scored my own bag of cotton candy, but I guess he liked the after-taste because a minute or two later he started asking for more. I knew he'd come around.
Wilson was pleased with his cotton candy. He sort of ate it like it was an apple... which makes for a messy face. He ate it sparingly, and still has a bit left for tomorrow... and no, I didn't eat the rest of it after he went to bed. I am growing in so many ways!
Sorry, no pictures of the show. It started with the big cats (a lion and two tigers) they reminded me of Muskoka (they seemed a little sleepy). It was a good show, the boys loved it - well, Walker did say at intermission that he was 'ready to go home now.' But overall, I think he had a good time. Wilson was impressed with the tightrope and the trapeze. It was a good-old-fashioned circus, and I thought it was quite fun. (Plus they had cotton candy....)
***For inquiring minds - there was no dog in an elephant costume =)


  1. isn't it just amazing how very different the boys are? I love hearing about their likes and dislikes. They are so adorable! Wilson like his daddy didn't down all the cotton candy so he could enjoy it today! and hey! perfect sweatshirt for Wil to wear since it was MSU BB!! Thanks for letting me know about the mini-e! It was the cutest thing we've ever seen at a circus. So glad you all enjoyed the Big Top retro style! You are making some great memories for your little guys!

  2. You gotta love the circus!! I still love the circus myself!!

  3. It's so cool to see how many special memories you are building with your sons...even though daddy is not around, they will have wonderful memories of their childhood adventures!