07 March 2009

everybody was kung-fu fighting...

Spring is in the air, and on the branches!

Walker got a hold of the camera the other day, I thought he had just moved it, until I uploaded the pictures this morning. There were about 7 like this one. Guess he knows which button to push and how to turn it on... (made me think of you, Destini)

The other night after bathtime, Walker's hair was standing up, so I thought I would take some pictures. These two are so bad about pasting on fake smiles that I refused to take a picture... I finally told them to act like they were tough guys, instead of trying to get a regular smile...

it was pretty silly...

but WAY better than those cheesy smiles they were flashing me!

Walker LOVES his new bucket hat. And I think he is quite adorable in it as well. He was wearing both of them on his head for awhile, but I wouldn't let him leave the house like that, we do have some standards!


  1. I love these guys! What great shots of action, and spring. Looks like Walker has an eye, just a little lower than yours!

  2. I love Walker's hair, way cute!!! I just love seeing pics of the boys!

  3. okay, seriously, you guys have way toooooo much run 'round there. I love the pics...making more memories.

    I can not believe how much they are growing... they make me laugh everytime they come over. Walker is really getting his own personality.

  4. I love walker's hair and the bucket hat... WIlson's got some killer moves... uh oh, I hear something being destroyed...better run.