03 March 2009

the moon and venus...

AKA God is really awesome! (the squiggles picture from yesterday- Julie, you nailed it! )

You might think I am a bit crazy, but oftentimes, I feel like the moon is there just for me. And when something spectacular happens with the moon, I feel like God is giving me a treasure - especially from Him for me. Do you have anything like that between you and God? I hope so... I love the harvest moon, I love when the moon peeks at us during the day, I love when it looks mysterious between clouds. And the other night, you could clearly see Venus sitting right next to the moon's bright crescent.

It was bingo night, and we noticed it when we walked out to the car. And I (of course, could not remember what it was next to the moon, but I was pretty certain it was a planet and not a star, because, if it were a star wouldn't it always be there?) pointed it out to Barbie when we dropped Logan off. And I googled it when I got home and found this. Then I went and tried to take pictures. Then I put the boys to bed and was going to try to take more pictures... But it was gone by then because it was only out for 3 hours. And I was SO glad I didn't miss it. And I was so thankful that He gave it to me, and gave me eyes to notice it too. I think we miss His gifts a lot, simply because we aren't looking for them. Our minds get so jumbled up in all the details of life that we miss the beauty of His creation, and the promise of His provision.

I thought for sure February would be a tough tough month. Brad's XO (that stands for executive officer, I think) told the spouses last April that the guys were on an 11-month mission, that they would be back no later than February 2009. Rumors swirled in the months that followed... but at an FRG meeting in August, the Rear D Commander told us again, that FOR SURE the guys would be back in February. Sometime in early September we got a letter from the Battalion Commander that stated it would be a 15-month deployment. Period. Stop spreading rumors. Thankfully, Brad came home for R&R at the end of September, so I didn't mourn that loss then for too long. And I thought for sure it would haunt me in February. I thought a heaviness would settle in, and hover around me. I thought my heart would break all over again. But it didn't. And I believe God protected my heart. I know myself, so when I say it was God that protected my heart, I mean it. And He gave me the moon and Venus to remind me that He always will. No matter what.

Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Brad and I covet your prayers as we approach the one-year mark. I especially ask that you would pray for Brad. They are beginning a new mission, and he will be working 12-hour shifts (I think something like that anyway). But I think it will just be exhausting, and not really fulfilling-exhausting...at a time when all the guys are already worn out. Just pray for endurance. Pray that he can spend some time alone with our Father, that he can get out and run when he needs to, that he can rest when he has opportunity to do so. Pray that he can finish this well. Pray that he can help those around him do the same. And pray the same for the boys and I. Walker is already getting excited to see his Daddy, and in a 2-year-old's world, 100 days is LONG time (let's face it, in my world 100 days is a long time!)

We have been so blessed by the support of so many. We appreciate the way God has proved His faithfulness repeatedly during this journey. We continually desire to bring honor to the One who has called us here. Each day.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I guessed right. What do I win??

    (You know how I like contests!!)

    Just kidding. You don't even WANT to know what Ande guessed it was.

  2. Beautiful Amanda, thanks for sharing. My prayers are always with you!

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily! Hang in there, the worst is behind you! Love you!

  4. Praying! Thanks for sharing your heart. God is amazing and yet so personal. I love it!