10 March 2009

more pictures...

really... the piggies are irresistible in my book. new meaning to the term: dogfight.

hey batta batta, suh-wing batta...

I think he has forgotten that his buddy broke his arm in this backyard... I cautioned him not to do it (it is tricky to know the line between turning him into a sissy and protecting his bones...)

as you can see, he untangled just fine...
there is always something silly happening in this backyard...
...well, at least until a cold front comes blowing in from the north. Which it did this evening... And still is... brr!

Also, in case you were privy to my rant about the dinner I made being too soggy... I figured out what the problem was... Momma can't read labels too well sometimes. I accidentally used TWICE as many tomatoes as the recipe called for... I'll have to try it again in a few weeks... Here is the link if you are interested... Bruschetta Chicken Bake


  1. Hmmm too many tomatoes can spoil the pot....toes are great...dog is wonderful...Wilson was doing those things last time I was there...and I have to agree that all is crazy in your back yard!

  2. Sorry that you put too many tomatoes in your recipe.. don't know how that could have happened... things are always so clam at your house. hee hee. I am glad that you figured it out(you seemed pretty bummed yesterday when we chatted)maybe the recipe will be a keeper after all. BTW... how did you figure that one out??

  3. barbie, I pulled the can out of the trash (after I looked at the recipe again) and sure enough I used a 28 ounce can of tomatoes (undrained) instead of 14.5...

  4. I do wish I could come and play and get another picture of all our little men together again.