23 March 2009

shopping with Walker...

...all day. Ok, not really, but it seems like it when you don't shop very often. He was a super trooper, while I searched high and low for the perfect prizes for our PWOC game night this week. Two things stood out to me in my search...
  1. Our Big Lots had "Meijer" stickers on one of the shelves in one of the aisles. For a second I thought I was in Flintown. Oh I kid, I would never actually go to a Flint Meijer, but maybe the one in Clio...
  2. I discovered a new product that I had NO IDEA existed... stick-on toenails. For real. No, I did not purchase a pack for one of the prizes... Who knew?

Wilson had a good morning getting back in the groove of school. He forgot his lunch, but when he is Kindergarten, I am pretty sure that is at least as much my fault as it is his... Also, he left his Michigan State windbreaker on the bus on the way home. He was pretty bummed about it... surely he will get it back tomorrow... To top it off, we had severe weather come to town this evening, and of course, Wilson went to bed late... Thankfully things turned out to be not-so-severe here. Hopefully his sleep multiplies a little and his second day back will go smoothly!


  1. I thought about you while watching the weather yesterday am, predicting the severe weather. Glad to know you are all safe.
    Did you know we got a new Meijer over by Lapeer and Irish Rd? Never been in it, but it's there!

  2. I didn't even know OK was having severe weather - glad to know you came through it okay!

    Stick on toenails? Seriously? I remember when I got my nails done when Ande and I got married and the girl said she sometimes did acrylics on toes...I thought that was a little bizarre.

    Hope Big Willie gets his jacket back today!

  3. I love big lots!! It is so fun! I really miss having one close but I go every time I visit mom.