19 March 2009

spring breakalicious round two

yesterday we had a bit of a down-day after all-the-fun-of-the-big-city (aka momma was a little tired out). so we hung around the homestead... the weather was way too beautiful to stay inside. so we played some games in the driveway, Walker was into the hula hoop (for a few seconds anyway...)
Wilson used his hula-hoop to help draw a target with chalk...

{oh he is a doll face}
...then they took aim with the big guns...
...what a wonderful way to spend spring break!

Later that same day... Walker got himself tangled up with Wilson's fishing pole. I had to take a picture of Wilson's 'catch' - you might be able to tell that Walker wasn't too happy with me for making him wait for the picture before I untangled him...Today we met Gavin and Nicole (and Aaron!) (and the little girl that she is babysitting) at the bowling alley for some more spring break fun... they were offering a spring break BOWLOPOLIS deal. Ummm, it turned out to be a bit of a scam, but shh, the kids didn't notice.

You can see he is very patient...... and crazy...Walker didn't get into the bowling too much. He was more interested in the computer for the lane next to us... And wearing the shoes... that were two sizes too big - but part of the "deal." Maybe next year...our bowling average right now is once a year...in march.


  1. so glad you have some great weather to enjoy playing outside while Wilson is off for his "spring break". I had to smile at the picture of the two of them standing outside the bowlingalley with their legs apart. Colson does the same thing, not sure why but it was just too cute to not mention! Hasn't the week gone way too fast? and now today the circus! Oh yeah, loet me know if they have a little dog dressed up like a mini-elephant.

  2. Amanda...I cannot believe how big the boys are getting! I see such a difference in your Ides of March post. A year in the life of little boys is a lot! Glad to see you guys are having a great March break! xo

  3. You have a way of making almost any day special! You're a wonderful Mommy and your beautiful boys always looks like they are having fun - no matter what they're doing! They're getting so big!