25 March 2009

swingin' & cheesin'

The boys like to do things together. I love that about them. Especially when they find something to do together that doesn't involve screaming. Tonight they chose swinging.
Wilson hooked his swing's rope into Walker's swing buckle... Cuties.

Here are a couple March Photo Of the Month rejects... (Yes, I still do that for the greats, I have totally abandoned Artwork of the Month for the grands... I haven't received any complaints, so I think we are all OK with that... or the grands are at least understanding about it!)

I guess the gangs are infiltrating the LPS. Not sure which gang these signs belong to... Maybe the ABC's-123's gang?

Guess who's birthday I forgot this year?

I don't think she knows yet. She REALLY needs a new frisbee... but it will have to wait until next week... We have a few busy days ahead and frisbee-shopping is at the bottom of my list. Shhh... don't tell her.


The other night when we had the storms coming, Wilson asked me, "Why did God make golf-ball-size hail? What good comes out of that?"

"You know, Wilson, I think that would be a great thing to ask Daddy when he gets home!"


  1. Love the pictures, poor big girl, I won't tell her.....hope no one else does!

    Wish I was there to push that swing for awhile!

  2. The pics are great as always. I thought you were in a library for a moment there with all of the books in the back.

    Wil is so creative.... maybe he'll be an engineer when he grows up.

    I can't believe you forgot Big Girl's b-day.... she'll forgive you once she gets the frisbee.

    Oh, the questions that our little ones ask..... good one passing that onto Dad. Where do they come up with these things?????

    Off to make more tissue cozies(you have created a monster... hee hee)

  3. Cute boys, I miss them... I'm glad you guys had fun on spring break and at the circus...
    love ya, rene