03 March 2009

a visit from astro and such

yesterday Walker and I cleaned out the garage (somewhat) and I moved the fishing pole to a more accessible location...so Wilson thought this afternoon would be a good time to practice his cast... Aaron, Nicole, and Gavin stopped by for a bit, they had been out of town this weekend visiting family... So the boys were happy to have their buddy back. Walker surprised us all when he pushed Wilson & Gavin around the sidewalk in the wagon. And Wilson surprised us that he could steer that thing half-way decent!Aaron had to supervise a bit to keep them from heading toward the street... See the sweet little addition to their family? I love the size discrepancy between "astro" and Aaron!

Big Girl was a little jealous that I was so smitten with the little fellow. Puppies are the sweetest...especially when they belong to someone else! =) (I am happy with the one big girl that we have, thankyouverymuch.)

And, can anyone guess what this picture was supposed to be of? You can see I failed at capturing it...

answer to be revealed tomorrow... or whenever I get on to blog again. ;)


  1. that little dog is adorable, what breed is it? and with a name like Astro I was expecting a "big" dog!

    I have no clue what your last picture is. . . I couldn't even begin to guess!

    Its always fun to have friends to hang out with and it was cute to see the boys playing in their wagon, Walker must have some muscles to push the wagon and the boys!

  2. I would have been outside more yesterday if I had on long underwear, several more layers, but hey it's on it's way I know. Spring will be here soon. Puppies are definately cute, but way too much work. Big girl is enough puppy for anyone...has Barbie been swimming with her lately?

    Walker has some determination there getting them going in the first place might have been a little difficult, but keeping them going was what made it fun!

    I'm glad Wil was brushing up on his casting....fish are going to be biting soon....who cleans those fish around there?

    And obviously that strange object in the sky was a nightowl that ran into someones Christmas lights that they failed to take down....off base of course....poor thing, why do people leave those dangerous things up where birds can run into problems like this?

  3. astro is a mix between a lab and an australian shepherd...

  4. What a cute puppy! I pretty much love anything while it's in a baby stage...well, except spiders. Or sharks. Or crocodiles. Okay, pretty much if it had the ability to kill me at some point in it's life, I might not like it so much.

    ANYHOO....were you trying to capture Venus on film? That's the planet that was supposed to be visible next to the moon wasn't it? Okay, if it wasn't Venus specifically, was it supposed to be whatever planet that could be seen next to the moon? Or maybe Yaya had a closer guess??? LOL