07 April 2009


I made Wilson snap a picture of us girls at the airport this morning, because I realized that we didn't have one of the three of us from the visit. Walker thought maybe we were going with them... and anyone that has said 'good-bye' to this guy will recognize that look. Good-byes are getting harder for this little fellow. He had tears when we got in the car...

THANKFULLY... Brad's Aunt Hilda happened to be visiting her daughter, Cara, this week (who lives near OKC) so we got to meet up with them right after the airport. And Cara has a five-year-old son that was home and ready to play! We had to snap a quick picture of the boys on our way out...
You can see they had a good time =)


  1. I bet you had the best time with Lindsay and Ari and isn't it amazing how fast a short weekend goes? So glad you were able to hook up with Aunt Hilda too! Kids make friends so easily don't they?

  2. Look like a fun time getting to visit with family :) It is amazing how fast the boys are growing.

  3. I didn't realize how much I had missed out on by being gone for a weekend and running nonstop Mon and Tues. I am glad that you, Lindsay and the boys stopped by. I really wish we could have done something "southern" while they were here(maybe a shrimp boil or an all veggie dinner(hee hee)).

    It is great to have family come if only for a little bit... it seems like when you are married to the military.... simple things like that mean alot. Especially when family is some thing that we make with the friends that we are stationed with. Really, Logan thought she had 3 aunts when we lived in Colorado.
    It looks like you had a great time. And look at you driving back and forth to the City.
    Maybe we can catch up today some time. I see lunch in the near future.

  4. Oh that look...I certainly recognize it, and I'm usually crying when I turn my back on it....it is a hard thing! Glad you guys had fun! Tell Wilson I am getting really excited too!

  5. It looks like the boys had a good time. That was neat that Lindsay and Ari got to go down. Love Sandy