22 April 2009

I was wrong...

...today's story was If You Give a Cat a Cupcake... again, well done! The kids got to decorate their own cupcakes, complete with sprinkles spilling all over the floor... ...and then they got to eat them! YUM!

Umm... Not sure what my young son was thinking when he did this... I discovered these two apples in our drawer when I was putting away groceries. I asked him why he opened the ziploc box the other day, but he just shrugged... now I know.

And we kicked off the pool season tonight with Gavin and his parents, Wilson and Gavin tried to get the water slide going...
And they all had fun "swimming." I finally turned the AC on yesterday, its getting warm around here. (We even slathered on sunblock at 4pm, because I am certain my legs were turning a little pink...)

Mr. Aaron grilled burgers and hot dogs for us, and the boys played from after school until bath time. It was a lovely evening!


  1. It is hot, isn't it? I was hoping for a few more days w/o the AC, but we had to turn it on today. Might have been the sunburn from yesterday that made it so bad!

    JC said that was a "harmless" spider. :-) I'm sure you don't give a flip!!!

    You guys are having lots of fun lately! Good memories.

    How many days?

  2. WOW air conditiong? we've still got the heat on! LOL but we are getting some great weather for the weekend! I am not gonna show Colson the pictures of the kids in the pool he will be so jealous. I bet they went to bed real easy tonight too, all that fresh air and play wears them right out. I am enjoying these daily updates, thanks for the taking the time to post them and take pictures during your outings sometimes it can be a distraction trying to capture shots and you miss out on some of the fun. Your doing a great job!!

  3. Looks like another fun couple of days! Everything is that much more nice with the warm weather! Still waiting here for things to warm up! Unfortunately, we normally skip right over spring and into summer.

  4. Muskoka looks huge in that pic!
    Love the pics,