21 April 2009

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie ... Storytime

Every week our library hosts storytime for preschoolers and they do a craft afterwards. I did a great job bringing both kids last year, but this year Walker and I have only been a few times. However, this week they are having storytime EVERYDAY (because of MOMC). Yesterday, was before school, so both boys got to go. Today Walker and I met Gavin and Nicole at storytime. The kids got to make playdough cookies after hearing the story... For some reason, Walker looks teeny-tiny in this picture to me, and I kind of love it. He often says that he wants to stay tiny for Daddy... After making playdough cookies, we went out to the patio for cookies and milk... And let me tell you, it was a BEAUTIFUL day.
The sunshine energized Walker and he started busting a move to the kid tunes... You can see this little girl was totally mesmerized.

And then Gavin jumped in and they did a little street performance for us... They had so much fun! And to top it off, today was Gavin's 4th birthday! I cannot believe that he wasn't even two yet when we met them...
And then...
The beautiful day came to a screeching halt briefly this afternoon. We have a brand-new neighbor (shares our duplex) and she came over to play after school. Walker didn't have a nap so the boys kept picking at each other... Maybe showing off a little for Marianna (I have no idea if that is spelled right... pronounced "mar" not "mare"). Anyway, Wilson swung the plastic bat at the tee and knocked Walker smack-dab in the middle of the forehead... Huge goose egg pops out immediately. I decide it was time to pack it up and hope Marianna comes back another day when things aren't so crazy. I gave Walker a bag of frozen rice and went to put some stuff in the garage... And I see this nasty spider... I grab weedkiller to spray at the ceiling. Red weedkiller. For real. Anyway, it keeps wandering around for awhile... Meanwhile, I call Barbie to see if I need to take Walker to the ER... She gets to hear me shriek when the spider falls from the ceiling...
But thankfully I was armed with a fly swatter and that spider will roam no more. When I walked in to check on the goose-egg, Walker was eating the frozen rice. Awesome. After some flashlight shining and a call to Renee, I determined we could skip out on the ER tonight.

The beauty of the day was restored when we went looking for some pine cones after dinner. Wilson needed some for a school project (most likely something for Earth Day tomorrow). We only had cedar trees at the park across the street, so we hopped in ol' Aztec with Big Girl along for the ride. We pulled up to a tree that we suspected had pinecones and Wil hopped out to survey, sure enough, he found some. We did this about four times, each time Wil hopped out while Walker, Big Girl, and I watched from the car.

One time Wilson said, "I like looking for pinecones..."
I said, "Oh you do?"
He said, "Yeah, its like looking for Easter eggs!"
And I said, "Except with no candy inside, huh?"
And Walker said, "No, just a nut."
Umm not quite buddy.

Tomorrow storytime is If You Give a Moose a Muffin... the author of these books will be on post Thursday and Friday =)

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  1. I love that series of books and it's great that they are doing some great things like that for you guys!!