26 April 2009

Laura Numeroff...

If you give this kid your autograph, he's gonna want you to pose in a picture with him... And when he gets his picture taken with an author, he's going to think he should certainly get his picture taken with his momma... right after her Arbonne Hollywood makeover...

But getting all those pictures taken is going to make him tired. So when he goes to the dealership to look at used vans, he's gonna want to kick his feet up and watch a show while momma is negotiating*

After a long, restful Saturday, he's going to want to do something really fun after church on Sunday...like go to an old-fashion picnic to celebrate MOMC again. He'll watch his brother toss some beanbags...

...and he'll decide that he wants to ride a pony.

While riding the pony he'll see the petting zoo, and decide he'd like to check out all the animals. His brother will notice a turtle that is trying to make a run for it... (there were no swine at the petting zoo, and there was a handwashing station that we utilized... just so you know)
Of course, while at the free picnic, he'll want to get his picture taken old-fashion-style to commemorate the day for Daddy. He forgot to mention that he wanted Momma and Wilson to be serious like him in the photo.After getting all those clothes on, he's going to want to go blow off some steam at Gavin's birthday party. He'll get in the bounce house with his big brother - but NO WAY will he stay in it long enough for another picture...

WOW. We had a full week, and a mighty full weekend. And this week is just as jammed. Perhaps it is a good thing. Takes the mind off the countdown (momentarily, anyway). Be prepared for the exclamation points to start making a return soon. And possibly even some e-shrieking in the next 6 or 7 weeks. I'm just sayin'.
* momma isn't really negotiating used car prices, I am just test-driving different models to see what I like. Apparently cars aren't selling that well right now, because the salesmen just knock off thousands of dollars without me even asking.


  1. Looks like a full weekend, indeed!
    Good luck with the car shopping!

  2. Hey, when did Walker take up drinking?? LOL - I LOVE that picture! Walker totally reminded me of the pics one sometimes sees of little boys in the 1950's playing cowboy...SO CUTE!

    You should be able to get a pretty fantastic deal on a van, for sure!! Dealers are probably starting to get a little desperate for buyers.

    BTW - WHOO-HOO on your make-over! Dare I say, "Hubba, Hubba"?

  3. I notice the boys have sasparilla in their hands....did you have something too? I am getting pretty excited and ready to shout, even though I am not nearly the excitement that's coming I still plan on whooping it up a little!

    See you guys real soon!

  4. I love to read what you write.... you are too cute. I didn't realize you were able to get an autograph and a pic. WOW!!

    Love all of the pics....
    I'm with Julie on the makeover pic... you look awesome. Maybe if you would look like that when we go to the gym we could get the A/C turned on.

    Glad that you had a busy week...does help time pass.

  5. What fun. You look beautiful! You are braver than I thougt - going to a car dealer ship w/o a hubby. WOW! Counting the weeks with you!

  6. so cute! we are starting to think about getting another car...with another on the way we need more room. I have such a mental stigma with mini vans and station wagons but i may have to get over it. I think we would like to test drive something like a saturn vue. I think it's fun to see what you can find.

  7. Oh, I wish I was coming!!!! I just want to eat them both up!

    Btw, I sent you a little b-day gift from Etsy... I hope you like it.

  8. Amanda you look beautiful. Love Dad and Sandy