15 April 2009

the long and winding post...


You may want to get yourself comfy if you plan on making it to the end of this here post.

Ok, as you might remember, last Tuesday was a day of fun in OKC. A long day of fun. Wednesday was a down day of laundry and return to normalcy. Thursday I had a dentist appt (ewww) then some errands, while squeezing in lunch at Chick-Fil-A, followed by a massage (ahhh!). And then, Thursday after dinner. My whole body ached and my throat and ears started hurting. Friday I HAD to go buy some groceries after I took Wil to school and then I slept off and on between taking motrin and actifed. I met Wilson on the front porch wearing PJ pants and my robe. Classy. We chatted about walking across the street to the 'neighborhood' Easter egg hunt. I took off the robe, put on some jeans, tried to make some sort of sense of the mess upon my head that is commonly referred to as hair. And off we went. I am glad we did too. We made a decision to never-again attend a free-for-all-eggs-laying-in-the-grass-in-plain-sight-egg-hunt. Never. Again. Ever. Here is Wilson before the fiasco... Walker didn't even want his picture taken, I blame my poor instincts on the fact that I was feeling pretty blah at this point. Otherwise, I might've known better. Saturday morning we were supposed to have brunch with the Easter bunny. We were 3 of the first 250 people to get the tickets for this brunch. I promised my boys we would go. And with daddy gone, promises are even more important. So we had a lazy morning and I prayed, Wilson prayed that I would feel better, but after his prayer he told me to go take medicine. He obviously believes that faith takes action, and I was glad to have learned that about him this weekend. So I did take some motrin and actifed. I told him it was time to get dressed and that I needed him to do it without fighting with Walker.... because seriously, the screaming, it really hurt my ears. And if I had to raise my voice... it really hurt my ears AND my throat. Wilson said he would rather have a PJ saturday and I made sure he was fine with it. And then I thanked God for this little guy!

So we took advantage of my window of 'feeling decent' and colored our eggs. I read them the Easter story from Wilson's bible during the wait. This worked out awesomely, and we may have stumbled upon a new tradition. Our eggs were some sort of squirting version... their faces while squirting the paint on the dyed eggs were priceless...

Next up, we made tomb rolls. Mom had sent me this recipe weeks ago and I remembered to pick up Grands on Friday. We used bunny marshmallows instead of regular ones, and because they are sort of small, we used two per 'tomb.' So, yes, two bunnies represented the body of Jesus in our tomb rolls. (don't judge me)

And as you can see, "He is not here, He is risen!" When I told Wilson to say that for the picture he said, "He is not here, He is .... long pause...puzzled face... in prison?" Maybe we should read that story again... Anyway, these were actually pretty tasty, and sort-of-melty which helped ease them down my throat.
Saturday night was a hard one. Bedtime did not go smoothly at all. I am extremely irritable when I am sick, I have been spoiled throughout our marriage with a husband that TOTALLY babies me when I am sick, so this was really, really hard. I mean, r-e-a-l-l-y hard. But I did get to IM with Brad for a bit right after I put the boys to bed, and the combination of Brad and the Holy Spirit kicked me out of my circle of self-pity. And also, really nailed my previous proclamation of arriving at contentment. That was much more the Holy Spirit than Brad. And yes, it was obvious and true. So I spent much of Saturday evening praying before bed. It was a sweet time. And then the rain came and the thunder and lightening lulled me to sleep.

I felt pretty decent Easter morning, though I hadn't slept that well. By now, I was taking 800mg of motrin every 6 hours. The morning went pretty smoothly, honestly, I don't remember getting the boys dressed... but I have evidence that I did...
After church, we went to a friend's house (Renee) who had her whole family over... I think there were at least 35 people there. And tons of kids. The boys had a blast!

Renee's brother is a children's pastor in a nearby town and he did a magic show for the kids... As soon as Wilson heard the mention of magic he picked his spot and sat right down.

The magic show held the attention so the eggs could be hidden (inside due to rain). This is the type of egg hunt that works for us... egg limits and all. Perfect. Fair. No stranger danger or golden eggs.

And to top it off, Renee's niece was turning two this week so they brought cupcakes for everyone. Love Wilson with the pink frosting on his lips.
And, you know, sometimes I give Walker a hard time for all his-on-the-go-ness. But he is obedient. When he picked out his chocolate cupcake with mounds of icing, I said, "Go sit with Mr. Curry and eat that..." And sure enough, he did. And I didn't hear any complaints from Mr. Curry either. (Renee invited a couple other military families from our SS class over that don't have extended family here to join her clan. Barbie and Curry were in that group too. Natch.)
After all that fun, we went home and changed into warm clothes. I sat and watched the boys play with their giant horseshoes that they got for Easter. From us. We have abandoned the Easter bunny this year. I LOVE Walker's face in this picture as he wonders what on earth these things are for...
Really, most of the day Sunday I was fine. But things got bad over night, and I knew I had to see a doctor on Monday. Of course its not that easy getting an appointment after a holiday weekend. But thankfully, if you mention that you think you have strep they will test you. I never actually thought I had strep until Monday. Brad told me Saturday morning that he thought that was what it sounded like. My fever wasn't ever very high, and I thought it should be. Anyway. He was right. I did have strep. So Barbie volunteered to watch the boys Monday night and Tuesday morning they came by for a short visit before school while Barbie went over to the hospital for some thyroid test-related stuff....

The boys blew dandelion seeds all over while we waited for their pick-up... She took Wilson to school and Walker with her, and left me The Travelling Pants (1 and 2) and orders to "DO NOTHING."

And this morning. After a long few days with a sick momma, Walker got dressed all by himself. Fleece sweats, and cowboy boots. I couldn't dare tell him that it was supposed to be 74 degrees today. He was so proud. And so was I. He told Wilson, and Wilson said, "Cool!" It was so cute.

So after all that, and even though they got all sorts of treats this weekend, I bought them Bomb Pops today. I wanted to reward their good behavior despite my irritability. You know, to let them know that I think they are... the Bomb.

And also these bubble batons that are awesome and only $1 at Wal-Mart. Of course, we refer to them as bubble swords in our yard, but that's allright. These boys are awesome!
Honestly, I am feeling a TON better. So thankful for that. And neither of the boys has any symptoms of strep, so I am continuing to hope and pray that it was just me with the lousy immune system.

Also, I am trying to decide if Barbie would be more thrilled with a Bomb-pop--thank-you or a bubble-sword-thank-you (she could call hers a baton). Not only did she watch the boys Monday night, and Walker all day Tuesday. She came over today and helped me clean my house! For real!

Not the Easter weekend I had anticipated, but God taught me some tremendous things about Himself through all of this. And He continues to, and I am so grateful once again.


  1. I'm so glad that you are on the mend. It is so hard to take care of a family when you feel lousy! I'm also thankful for your friend Barbie, sounds like she takes great care of you!
    Even more thankful that through all of this, you were able to be further drawn into the arms of our Father. Praying for you as always.

  2. Yeah, I think being sick and having to be the sole parent in the house makes it pretty easy to fall into a pity party kind of mood - what a wonderful God we have who helps us kick those feelings to the curb!

    So glad you are feeling better now, and WOW what a great friend you have in Barbie!! I imagine that she was much more of a help to you than she even realizes.

  3. remember the diastrous easter egg hunt in the park here? We haven't gone back there either! So glad you are finally feeling better, strep sure can take alot of ya! I loved the pictures from Sunday at your friends and what a blessing and gift that others open their homes to friends and family! I am sure they don't even realize what a blessing that was to you and the boys! The boys looked adorable all set for Sunday. Can't wait to see you guys this summer! What fun the younger kids will have playing together! Love you guys!

  4. Do you think Barbie could come visit me?

  5. Glad you survived the very tough week! I love the pic of W2 and Curry! So cute!

  6. One thing about being a military spouse.... MY "call to duty" is to help other spouses. I am blessed that God has called me into a ministry of helping others and that I have an older daughter which allows me to fulfill this ministry. Because it is something that God has directed it is not hard for me to say, "yes" and I do it with more love than I ever could on my own.

    I can not tell you the joy that fills my heart when I see Walker and his face lights up and he comes running towards me shouting my name..... or when Wilson looks at Amanda and wonders when she is going to "play bingo again" so he can come and spend the night with us.

    Lutz family, you have blessed us more than you will ever know.

    We love ya'll!!!