28 April 2009

Walk for Life

I signed up for the Walk for Life to support the Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Oklahoma.

Shortly after we moved here, Brad and I had a garage sale and advertised in the wrong paper... so nobody showed up... which meant we had A LOT of stuff left over! We decided to donate what we could to the PRC. The ladies there were so grateful for our donations, and helped carry stuff in themselves! About a year or so later, I was helping with a ladies group in our SS department. We hosted a "baby shower" for the PRC and one of the volunteers came and shared her experiences. It was so interesting to hear her tell about women she had counseled. They do so much more than discourage abortion. They offer the ladies a safe place to come and find support and encouragement. They even perform ultrasounds in their office. The PRC is a strong advocate for adoption as well. They also provide parenting classes and offer new mothers all kinds of supplies and resources.

So, when they had sign-ups for the walk at my church, I signed up. Basically, I am helping raise funds for the Resource Center so they can continue to offer their wonderful services to women and babies that desperately need it! If you would like to sponsor me in the walk, all you have to do is tell me! I can add your address to my sponsor pledge form and the PRC will contact you via mail. Simple!


  1. Add me to your list. This is something that is very dear to my heart. Thank you for raising money for them! ♥

  2. Count me in.

    Logan's class was able to bless the PRC one year as their service project. We took the kids to the Dollat Tree and they were able to purchase baby items for the PRC. Because of privacy the kids weren't able to go to the PRC but they were old enough to understand where the items we going.

    What a great way to bless others.